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Four gold buying stores failed inspection in Tucson

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A consumer alert if you are thinking about selling your gold. State investigators are revealing several gold buying stores in Tucson failed a random inspection.

Store workers didn't want to go on camera but say they were docked for not posting the price of gold. They now have a sign taped to the register with the prices.

Down the street at "Gold Time" the owner there says he failed one of his inspections because his scale was hidden in the back where customers couldn't see it.

"Everything was accurate they didn't cite me for that," said Albert Gavrielob, the owner of Gold Time. "The only thing they did was just change the location of the scale."

Since then, he moved the scales to the front of the store. A couple other stores in Tucson also failed including Good Old Toms and the other "Gold and Silver Exchange" off South Sixth Street. They both ended up passing a follow up inspection.

State investigators say they will continue to follow up with stores in the area.

"These results were evidently common," said Shawn Marquez with the state. "And that's the other reason why we're going to keep doing these. Stay on top of this until we see better results."

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