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Gas prices are back on the rise in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Gas prices got pretty low there for some time, but now they are shooting back up again. 

Earlier this week, many gas station prices jumped 13 cents between heading to work and lunchtime. 

The days of paying under $3 a gallon may be in the rear view mirror for a while. 

Tucsonans are paying about 29 cents more than this time last month.  West coast refineries are slowing production because of maintenance. 

AAA Arizona says there's also the higher cost of crude oil and a positive economic outlook, meaning more gas will be used. 

Officials expect rising prices to continue through the spring, though they are not anticipating it keeps at this pace. 

Tucson has the lowest gas prices in the stat at $3.14 a gallon, while Arizona's average is $3.35 and the national average is $3.56 a gallon.

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