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Local Boy Scout saves teacher

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One of the lines of the Boy Scouts' oath says, "To help other people at all times." A local boy scout did just that, it just so happens that the person he helped out was his teacher.

Jake Little is boy scout with troop 141. Back in October of last year, his Spanish teacher Maria Pastorini-Bellows was eating a bagel. Most of the class was enjoying their free time. Little felt that there was something wrong with his teacher. "She got up from her chair and she was gasping for air and her face was red," said Little.  

The 7th grader jumped into action and administered the Heimlich Maneuver on his chocking teacher. It was just 2 months before the incident that Little learned the maneuver in a boy scout first aide course.

Little's quick actions and life saving skills have helped him earn the name "Hero." He was honored at Esperero Canyon Middle School. The boy scouts honored Little too. He received the National Heroism Award at the Annual Council Recognition Dinner. 

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