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Crews installing overhead cables for streetcar

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Streetcar construction crews are installing the overhead contact cables today and tomorrow on University Boulevard.

Crews began work this morning at Fourth Avenue and made their way to University Boulevard where workers were pulling cables tight and fitting them with a copper cable. 

"So what they're doing is connecting the wires and then they're going to test it and then they'll start the electrification process at a later time," says Shellie Ginn with the Modern Streetcar Project.

Crews had to work at a slow pace along the road because the cable is fed from large reels mounted on special boom trucks.  The activity attracted a lot of attention from everyone in the area.

"People that come from all over especially when there's basketball games and they ask oh what's going on down here so maybe it'll bring more people down to come check it out," says Kelly Carillo of Frog and Firken restaurant.

"When nothing happens for like two weeks you start to get jittery, but it seems like they're always working," says Mort Edberg of Landmark Clothing and Shoes.

Work is expected to continue tomorrow between 6 a.m. and noon as the cable is installed east on University.

Parking restrictions in the area will be in place until Friday. 

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