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Anonymous donor gives ETX family a new home


An East Texas community came together to help a local family find a new home. When a tree fell on the Moore family's home, the community raised just under $4,000, and an anonymous donor gave them a three bedroom double-wide mobile home.

"I was like WOW!" LaShonda Moore said.

"Just shocked, just shocked," Paul Moore said.

The Moore family had a tree fall on their home two weeks ago during the storm. It fell right in their kitchen, just feet from where LaShonda was sitting.
Since then LaShonda, her father and her autistic son have had to live in a motel, with no money to pay for a new home

"You never really know what's going to happen to you until it happens. You can have a home and then it's gone," Paul Moore said.

But their community wasn't going to allow them to become  homeless. They started putting out fliers to try to raise enough money for a new home. One week later, they raised nearly $4,000 and had a home donated.

"Those people are just God people. You can tell when you're around them. God sent them," Paul Moore said.

The couple that donated the three bedroom two bath double wide want to remain anonymous. They simply wanted to help a family in need.

"I said it can't be true, and he said yeah, I said things can't happen this early... he said yeah they can," LaShonda Moore said.

And it's a gift the Moores will be eternally grateful for.

"I really want to thank them for all they're doing for us," LaShonda Moore said.

"All my friends in the community, they are good people. There is a little good in everyone," Paul Moore said.

The family is still in need of enough money to move the home from the donator's property in Elkhart to Frankston.

If you'd like to help out this family, you can make a donation at Austin bank.
Just go to the bank and tell them you'd like to donate to the Moore family fund.

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