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Job-seekers, small businesses weigh in on State of the Union

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Job creation was one of the topics of President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech.  Obama proposed initiatives in manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy to boost business and create jobs.

Local job-seekers at a career workshop held at the University of Phoenix Craycroft campus had their own ideas on how Obama can help put people back to work. 

Attendee Anita Key says she'd like to see an emphasis on helping those out of work to navigate the job market.  Key has been driving a school bus for about 20 years, but she says her hours and wages have been shrinking as her employer cuts back. 

Key says the process for searching for a job and the skills needed to find a good position has changed.

"It is day to day, trying to get my head above water.  I'm behind, trying to keep a roof over your head, make sure you eat, and have a car just so you can be able to go to work," says Key.

President Obama also talked about small businesses and tax cuts for those who add jobs.  The University of Phoenix had a workshop for entrepreneurs, many who says tax incentives are nice, but they'd really like better access to funding. 

The workshop included a panel of local business experts giving tips on applying for loans.  The panel included Dr. Sandra Otero, owner of Los Jarritos Mexican food restaurant on Tucson's south side.

She would like to see more resources for small business owners.

"Tax incentives, make the small business administration more receptive to what the needs are for small business, and the opportunity for lending, how much can we borrow," says Otero.

President Obama also talked about incentives for businesses to hire people who have been unemployed for a long time.

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