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New bill in works to ban cell phone use by teen drivers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Saving young lives on Arizona roads, that's the goal of a new state bill that would ban some teenagers from talking or texting on their cell phones while driving. 

Hardly anyone admits to it, but most everyone does it at some point, some may even do it later this morning.   Get on their cell phone while behind the wheel. 

There is a new bill aiming to make it illegal for young drivers, not just here in Tucson, but all across Arizona. 

The bill would ban teens from using cell phones or tablets, except in an emergency.  It would only be in effect while they have their learner's permit and during the first six months of their license. 

AAA Arizona is urging lawmakers to pass the bill and make roads safer.  They say the danger to drivers is highest in those first months. 

They also argue that new driving restrictions that have gone into effect in the past five years, have dropped teen deaths 16 percent, but they say there's still room to improve.

The bill is still in its early stages in the capital, but AAA Arizona wants to see action as soon as possible. 

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