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Elyria toddler found wandering alone for the third time

Boy found in road  (Source: Mark Morales) Boy found in road (Source: Mark Morales)

Witnesses found a 3-year-old boy wandering down East Avenue in Elyria in traffic Wednesday, and this isn't the first time this has happened, or even the second.

Police say this is the third time Latasha Andrewski's toddler has been found wandering without adult supervision.

The boy, who didn't know where his house was, was found in a red jacket and urine-soaked pants.

A driver called 9-1-1. "I'm parked here on East Avenue. We found a little boy running down the street."

Witnesses called police, who immediately recognized the boy when they arrived from past incidences.

Mark Morales is upset about the little boy. 

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was unbelievable the danger he was in, had I not been paying attention he could have been right under my truck," says Morales.

Just last month, Morales snapped a photo of the same child.

He found the boy riding a three wheeler in the street. Morales called police, who says mom was asleep.

"Sure enough he came right down the street and made that turn and just kept on going," explains Morales.

In the last incident, Andrewski received a warning.

This time, Andrewski has been charged with child endangering.

Children Services  was contacted.  Police say another endangering children offense could result in felony charges.

Police took to boy to the police station, then released to a family member.

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