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Rodeo's economic impact on Tucson

The 88th Tucson Rodeo is just one day away from the official start. This means visitors will come from around the state, around the country and the world.

Not only are the visitors from out of town, many of the vendors come from out of state. If you plan to head down to the rodeo you need to have the cowboy or cowgirl look. Don't worry there are plenty of vendors at the rodeo to help you get the look. This is Stephanie Dial's 5th year setting up a shop at the rodeo. She travels around the country selling belts, cowhide and bling shirts. Dial said, "Last year they set records I mean it was beautiful , I mean it was so packed through here, business was excellent."

The Tucson Rodeo group had a study done on the impact it had on the City of Tucson. The report came back, that the rodeo brings about $17 million to the community. That number is just for the contestants and doesn't include the amount of money spent by out of state visitors around the rodeo. Out of state guest account for more than 30% of the visitors to the rodeo.

The rodeo arena holds about 11 thousand people. The Tucson Rodeo folks are expecting more than 60 thousand people to pass through the gates this year.

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