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More fake cops are on the prowl

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We're learning more about what happened in the report of a cop impersonator who sexually assaulted a woman during a bogus traffic stop Saturday afternoon.

A woman said she was signaled to pull over at East 79th and Korman.

She said that she looked in her rear view window and saw a black unmarked vehicle with a bubble light on top.  She says that a man dressed in all black approached her car and she assumed he was a cop. 

He asked "Do you know why I pulled you over?" 

Then the guy ordered her out of the car.

After she got out of her car, he pushed her up against it and started groping her, even sexually assaulting her with a gun.

Then she says he went through her purse, stealing money and prescription pills.

"But he didn't have a badge and I didn't question it because I thought he was undercover," said the victim.

Since that story aired, a second woman came forward to say that she too was stopped by a fake cop.  It was two weeks ago near E. 55th and Broadway, but he let her go.

Now we've learned of a third case from last November, on Cleveland's near west side.

A woman said she was sexually assaulted by a man in a Crown Victoria who'd said something about patrolling the neighborhood.

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