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How weather is changing Accenture play for today

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MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

All week golf officials have been paying close attention to the weather reports and have altered the course to keep play moving today. 

Tucson News Now spoke recently with the general manager for Dove Mountain, who said officials with the golf championship who make the decisions have seen a trend the past few days.   All the weather forecasts have become realities.

As for today's wind, they are aware of it and are slowing the greens down to compensate. 

How they do that is by adding extra water and not trimming the grass down as short as they usually do.  In ideal conditions, greens are like a table, smooth and flat.  But with the wind today, it could blow a ball right off the green.  That is the tipping point; the course has to remain competitive. 

"We are expecting cold and breezy conditions.  It's gonna be tough on those players, but the tough will survive, and we will have some matches tomorrow," commented Gerald Goodman, the executive director of Accenture Match Play Championship.

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