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Snow all along the I-19 corridor

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's not often we get to say that it snowed all the way from Tucson to Nogales.

But that's just what happened Wednesday when a huge winter storm hit Arizona.

The morning started off with a lot of rain.

It actually snowed in Tucson earlier in the day than it did in Nogales, which is unusual.

While Tucson might not get any snow over winter, Nogales can see half-a-dozen or more dustings of snow in a season.

Finally on Wednesday, the Nogales rain turned into hail.  Suddenly flakes began falling from the sky.  Some of it was actually sticking.

We also stopped in Tubac where the heavy rain gave way to snow in the afternoon.

With the wet roads, the danger overnight was going to be ice.

Drivers were urged to use caution. 

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