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More traffic cameras for Cleveland drivers

Speed and red light cameras are being used in cities and towns across the country but many motorists are questioning the motivation for these devices.

If the camera captures you speeding or running a red light, you might get a pricey ticket in the mail.

Cleveland just added a speed photo enforcement camera on Woodland Avenue.
Police and politicians say using the devices is a matter of safety, but many motorists aren't buying it.

Some of the Clevelanders that we spoke to said that they have been caught by these types of cameras and are surprised when the ticket comes in the mail.

The tickets can mean big bucks, thousands of dollars for local cities and towns.

For some, the key to avoiding getting caught is simple. They say that if you don't speed, you don't have to worry about them.

Still, others hope that the cameras will go away and say that using officers is more accurate when it comes to writing speeding tickets.

In the interest of full disclosure, 19 Action News Reporter George Smith shared that he too has received a ticket or two for speeding because of these devices, not here in Ohio, but in another state.

Be on the lookout because speeding cameras may be coming to a neighborhood near you. Shaker Heights and Richmond Heights are  considering using them too.  

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