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Big storm has crews watching bridges

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TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – If the bridges around Tucson are sprayed to keep them safe, Tucson Department of Transportation will likely do so in the early morning hours because the surfaces need to be dry.

Around the city, conditions were anything but dry as snow fell in midtown on Speedway near Tucson Boulevard in the early afternoon.  Later, snow fell on Sixth Avenue in South Tucson.  Opinions about the weather have varied from welcoming more moisture for our parched desert to irritation with how cold it is.

Approaches to how to drive in the mix also received different responses.

"You just have to be careful, keep your distance between other vehicles," said driver Paul Pier.  "On I-10 right now, there was a few who weren't, so, they just have to pay attention that when you brake, they have plenty of room to stop."

"People drive really slow.  It's kind of miserable on the road.  It took me like, 25 minutes to get to class today," said driver Saraya Wallen.

If the bridges don't dry out and still threaten to get icy, the city has a crew on standby to spread sand.

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