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Mount Lemmon snow attracts visitors as businesses brace for crowds

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(SUMMERHAVEN, AZ) - More snow was falling on Mount Lemmon on Thursday night, but the parking lot near Palisades and Mount Lemmon Road showed that the plows have been in action to clear roads for visitors.  Businesses are also ready.

"Well there's a lot more of it than usual," said Sierra Winkle after she got up from jumping face-first into some fresh snow.

Plenty of people made the trip to the top Thursday for all kinds of fun, from sledding to snowball fights.

Many pickup trucks were loaded up to take some snow back to Tucson.  Summerhaven businesses like the Cookie Cabin and others did plenty of shoveling Thursday to be open for visitors Friday, which is another day of Rodeo vacation.

"We expect to be open tomorrow. We spent all day today shoveling and preparing, so, we should be open tomorrow and we're expecting a huge horde of people," said Cookie Cabin employee Hillary Ingalls.

"(I've been) just hanging out with some friends, having some fun," Jonathan Alameda said about his afternoon in the snow.  And as for whether the snow was timed well for the Rodeo Weekend, he said, "Absolutely.  Absolutely."

While several plows made sure the roads were clear today, they'll be watching to see if enough snow falls Thursday night that they have more work on Friday.

The fresh powder is music to the ears of skiers and snowboarders. According to the Ski Valley webpage, the ski resort will be open on Friday with the first lift going up the slopes at 9:00AM. You should call ahead to verify. Ski Valley's number is (520) 576-1400.

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