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Crime at closed schools a topic at TUSD state of the district

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

After a U.S. district court approved the Tucson Unified School District's decision to close 11 schools, district superintendent John Pedicone is discussing ways to prevent crime at those campuses.

Pedicone said the district was kicking around security options during his state of the district meeting at Tucson High School.  He talked about securing windows with shutters, keeping fire alarms active, adding security cameras, and removing items of value.

Pedicone says some closed campuses have been targeted by metal thieves so he would like to remove any temptation for criminals to rip off copper.

Another idea, Pedicone admitted, would go well above and beyond other security measures.  He said the district may consider assigning security staff to closed schools.

"Look at putting on-site security on those campuses where we actually put employees there, you know, give them a place to live free of rent and their presence alone will be a distraction," said Pedicone.

He says such a measure would require the governing board's approval.

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