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Pro cyclists injured in hit and run; driver arrested

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(Source: Ben Jacques-Maynes) (Source: Ben Jacques-Maynes)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Two pro cyclists from the Jamis-Hagnes Berman Cycling team are recovering after a hit and run accident on Tucson's southeast side.

It happened Friday morning on the  8100 block of Valencia Road.

According to a team rider they were training in Tucson when the unexpected happen.

"An Oldsmobile came up and then started yelling obscenities out the window at us. It then slowed down to our speed," said Phil Mooney, a rider on the team.

According to Mooney, the car then veered into them, hitting the front riders.

One of those riders was team trainer Todd Herriot. 

"I heard some yelling and I looked down and saw the car literally near my leg, like almost touching it.  The next thing I know the car turned in and veered in toward me. I kind of rode the side of the car for a second, I thought I was going to get sucked under. The car then pulled out and I just went endo," said Herriot.

According to the riders, the driver then took off.  They said hours later the Tucson Police Department found the man and arrested him.

Court documents identify the driver as Rodney Kinkade. He was arrested and released and is facing charges of aggravated assault. Documents show he's expected back in court in March.

Team riders said they are thankful he got caught, but agree it's still a scary situation. "When something like this happens, you think about it a lot more, that's for sure," said Mooney.

The two cyclists are expected to be ok.

The team is scheduled back in Tucson in March for the Old Pueblo Grand Prix.

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