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Benefits of more 'bike boulevards' in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Happening today, it's the unveiling of future plans for turning Tucson streets into bike specific roadways, called bike boulevards.

There is one such street already in use, its Third Street and Campbell, just across the street from the U of A.  It is a road that allows only local traffic, but is used mostly by bikes and people walking. 

In addition to Third Street on University Boulevard, there is another bike boulevard on Fourth Avenue north of Speedway.  Looking to the future, the hope is to triple the amount of bike boulevards in the next 18 months; and into the hundreds in the next few decades, there are more than 150 miles of road that could be converted. 

Some leaders though want to change the name from ‘bike boulevard' to something that reflects that people can do more than just ride their bikes on the street. 

Parents are able to walk with their children, walk their pets on a leash; there are even shade trees, and street art.  This is something residents could see change in the future.

Not only is rider safety a benefit to these bike boulevards, but also less wear and tear on the streets and it is better for the environment.  There are also the personal benefits of getting active, and of course saving money on gas. 

Many riders will be keeping their eyes open as more bike boulevards start opening to get riding. 

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