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Desert View English teacher Mae Casey helps students love reading, again

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

For the past seven weeks we've been taking you inside the classrooms of local teachers who are considered by their peers to be among the best. 

Today, we take you to Desert View High School, where Mrs. Casey has a way of getting her students to step out of their comfort zone. 

Most people cringe at the thought of pronouncing a word wrong, out loud, especially teens, in front of their entire class, but not Danielle Celaya, she actually doesn't mind being corrected.

"If I say it wrong she'll correct me, and then I'll understand how it's said," commented the sophomore.   

English teacher, Mae Casey encourages her students to volunteer to read. She says as more and more kids take part, others build up the nerve to do the same. 

"They realize everybody messes up, it's not a big deal and it also helps the classroom climb.  The students help each other with pronunciation, they don't' make fun of each other," Casey said. 

"I actually get embarrassed to read cause I don't want to mess up, but I see other people messing up so I do get confident," said Noemi Caballero.

Casey even has her own library, where students can check out books they are not assigned to read.  It's her attempt at getting kids to love reading again.

"What we find is, when they're in elementary they love to read.  It's all fiction.  Then they get to middle school and it's a lot more expository text, they hate it, they stop reading.  They become really rusty," said Casey. 

And what makes Casey stand out students say, is that she really makes sure they are comprehending what they are reading. 

"When you don't understand something, she'll explain it better and if you still don't understand she'll work with you and she'll keep explaining it," said Noemi Caballero.   

"She actually takes the time to make you learn.  She's really dedicated to what she does," said student Danielle Celaya.

Casey says she's on a reading crusade this year, getting her students to enjoy reading. 

She says it might be her library that is making her goal happen. Casey says there are usually 20 books checked out at a time. 

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