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Arizona's lottery winner bill closer to reality

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

When someone wins the lottery, everyone wants to know who it is, but soon that may not be possible. 

Lottery winners are made in everyday places, like gas stations, grocery stores and all over, that is why one lawmaker wants to keep the names of big winners private. 

A bill to keep names of lottery winners anonymous, made it closer to passage after a heated senate discussion yesterday.  A Phoenix lawmaker wants it passed to keep players safe. 

The bill came after the release of the Powerball jackpot winner's name from Fountain Hills Arizona, back in November.  Matthew Good's name was released under Arizona Public Records Law, but opposed said they don't see the point.

If lottery winners were protected then rich executives should be too.

Only five states have laws in place to keep names anonymous, some even require winners to attend a press conference. 

Arizona doesn't require winners to make a public appearance, but their names can be released. 

The bill now goes to a full Senate for consideration.

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