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Immigration rights group educates voters on need for reform


PHOENIX - Members of an immigrants rights group spent their Saturday educating voters on the need for immigration reform.

Promise Arizona volunteers went door-to-door in Phoenix spreading their message.

The day began with a cultural celebration at the First Institutional Baptist Church downtown.

The energy inside the church would soon be transferred outside, to the streets of downtown Phoenix.

The goal was to register voters and inform them of the best possibilities of an immigration reform bill.

"But it is important for the community to understand what are the provisions being proposed and how it will effect them," said Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona.

Handouts and T-shirts with the slogan "Keeping Families Together." Promise Arizona says that's one of the biggest reasons that immigration reform is needed now.

"Because of SB 1070, we saw a really significant jump in separation of families because people were no longer able to work here and they did leave behind family members, many of them young people who stayed here so they could continue finishing their school," said Falcon.

"I mean the whole nation's got their family and we want our families together with us too," said Alan Vasquez.

Vasquez has grandparents in Mexicali, Mexico. He wishes they could make a life in America and says no one is asking for a free pass.

"We want to do this because we also want to help them move the country together. We don't come here to steal anything, we come here to live the same as how they live," said Vasquez.

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