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Evil Owner?: Dog tortured, killed and tossed into trash

Where Mercy was found (Source: Portage APL) Where Mercy was found (Source: Portage APL)
Where Mercy was found (Source: Portage APL) Where Mercy was found (Source: Portage APL)

An investigation is underway after a dog was tortured and tossed out with the trash in Ravenna.

The Portage APL was called by the Ravenna Police Department after the discovery of the dead dog in an empty lot behind the Italian Club by Chestnut and Hazen Road.

"It looks like it had been strangled with a chord. It has a cable wrapped around a cable for a TV," said Chalan Lowry, Executive Director Portage APL. "When our humane officer got out there it looked like the dog had been killed. Not that it had just passed away but killed and then dumped like trash."

The dog had a TV cable tightly embedded in her neck, extra cable wrapped all around her body and a rope hung out of her mouth.  Based on her body condition, she had also been dragged by a vehicle.  

An APL Humane Officer named the dog Mercy.

Portage APL is asking anyone who might have knowledge of Mercy's abusers to please step forward.  She was a brown, female pit bull who had obviously had a litter or two.  She had some white on her chest and neck and was likely a young dog. 

The APL will not release photos of the dog because they are too horrific.

"The photos take your breath away.  No matter how much abuse you see, you are still nauseated, sad and angry at acts like this. The people who do things like this, live among us, and may have children or other pets. It makes me sick!" says Chalan Lowry, Executive Director.  "Please help us get justice for Mercy!"

Anyone who has information about Mercy please call Portage APL at 330-296-4022 ext 102. 

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