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Elementary school in Vail may be too popular

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TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – Parents of students at Senita Valley Elementary school face some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that they chose a very popular school in the Vail School District.  The bad news is that it's over-enrolled, and those who don't live in the district and are there by open enrollment must go to other schools.

"I like the way that I have a lot of friends from a long time ago that come here," said Senita Valley Elementary second-grader Renee Schmidt.

"Especially the little ones, when you have to move them, and move them, and move them, they take it hard," said her father, Karl Schmidt.

"Unfortunately, I was just trying to have her stay where she had embedded herself and invested her time," said Andrea Kania, the mother of a fourth grade student.

About 120 students who do not live in the district must go to either Mesquite or Cottonwood elementary schools next school year because Senita Valley will be full of students who live in the district.

"We can't very well tell people who are buying a house across the street, ‘I'm sorry, you can't go to this school, you have to go to somewhere else in the district because we have out-of-district students here,'" said Vail School District superintendent Calvin Baker.

Parents who did not like the news still understood the situation.

"(It's) pretty sad.  But Vail has been very generous and offered us a new school," Kania said.  "They could have asked us to leave."

"When you're an open-enrolled child, you have to take that risk," Karl Schmidt said.  "And we take that risk to put them in what we consider is the best school district in Tucson."

"It's better because some of my friends are going," Renee Schmidt said.

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