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2nd Strongsville picketer arrested



Police say they have arrested another person picketing with the striking Strongsville teachers.

On Thursday at 7:55 am, Strongsville Police arrested Chris Koval, 37, of Brunswick Hills.

Koval allegedly operated his vehicle in reckless manner directed at a van transporting school employees to Kinsner Elementary School. It happened on Waterford Parkway.

Koval is charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

The case was referred to Berea Municipal Court. The case has also be referred to the Strongsville City Prosecutor for consideration of additional charges.

On Wednesday, police arrested Ian Steffan, 37, of Medina for allegedly blocking traffic in the area of Center Middle School.

Steffan is charged with disorderly conduct and will appear in Berea Muni Court on March 25.

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