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Your Week in Viral Videos: Some things are better left alone

(RNN) – Have you ever wondered what it's like to take volts of electricity through your tongue?

Oh, how we wish that was a rhetorical question. Just in case there are any weirdos out there who have wondered (not that we're judging or anything) there's no need to do the experiment yourself.

Another weirdo (umm, adventurous person) did the dirty work and posted the results for the entire world to see. You can't help but admire the large sacrifice for humanity.

Nope, no sarcasm in that statement at all.

Getting told off by a bunny

Sometimes, it's difficult to hear the unpleasant truth about ourselves. Bad habits, undesirable personality traits and a list of other things that can rub people the wrong way have to be brought to our attention from time to time.

What would make that type of constructive criticism easier to take? Hmm, let's see.

Oh, how about if it came from a cute, cuddly house pet? Yeah, that would do it.

Taylor Swift and Nicholas Cage duet

This is the worst example of sampling you could ever see. It's actually so bad that it turned out funny, which is what YWVV is all about.

We could say more, but the clip speaks for itself.

Seriously, open the door

Make no mistake about it, when cats want something, they want it five minutes ago.

If you don't believe that, just watch this little guy "knocking" on the door until his owner can't stand it anymore.

It's pretty impressive, but it gets even better when you realize he was trying to make it inside in time to watch American Idol. Actually, that's not true.

Michael Jordan: You are (not?) the father!

You've probably heard by now that a woman in Atlanta has filed a paternity suit against Michael Jordan. And if you haven't heard that, we'd like the address to the rock you live under so we can mail a sympathy card.

A young man claiming he is the son of "His Airness" made a video late last year that is just now picking up traction.

Real deal or money hounds seeking publicity? Judge for yourselves. Well, actually, a real judge will have to decide that, but you know what we mean.


Yeah, this would totally happen

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