Unemployment drops.. again

Getting a job is getting easier.

"If you want to work, you will work," says Jim Mize, director of Pima County's One Stop Career Center.

The US unemployment rate has fallen to 7.7%

The number of jobs created was 236,000, much higher than the 115,00 anticipated.

Government jobs decreased for the 31st straight month so the private sector is driving the economic recovery.

That's likely because of an increase in home construction.

"It feels good that you're going to be employed next week," says Ed Baily, who works for a sub-contractor. "For a while there you were wondering if you'd have enough work for next week, even tomorrow."

His weekly hours were cut back to 32 for a couple of years. Now he can work overtime if he wants.

Most sectors of the economy are showing an increase, including manufacturing and health care.

Even older workers can find work if they want.

The unemployment rate, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, for workers 60-64 is 5.9%, one of the lowest of all age groups.

Danielle Krol lost her job Monday as the library director in Mojave County but has come back to Tucson to look for work.

She's a 40 year veteran of the work force who is not ready to quit.

"I don't want to be pigeonholed as a library director," she says. "I want to go through all possibilities."

That may be harder at her age but not impossible.

"I'd be lying if I'd say it wasn't harder for a 60 year old," says Mize.

But he says the older workers bring something to the table younger workers can't offer.

"They bring 40 years of work experience," he says. "They know how to get to work on time."

He also says workers will stay in the work force until 70 or more and employers know that.

FRor workers of all ages, finding work frequently depends on upgrading technical skills.

"What employers are looking for is different now that it was just three or four years ago," Mize says. "You have to constantly upgrade your skills."

It's still not known whether the sequester may have an impact on the unemployment rate or the economy. The first indication may come with the jobs numbers released in April.

State numbers will be out in two weeks.