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Liberty City forms newest ETX fire department


An East Texas city is celebrating the long overdue creation of its own fire department. Through donations of money and equipment, the Liberty City fire and rescue department was formed. A 24-7 department.

"The existing volunteer department just was not meeting the needs of the community , according to the community," says fire department board of directors member Carl Headen.

Desperately needed, because current response times from other agencies, can be between 20 and 40 minutes.

"You better have a quick response and better have people that's knowledgeable and capable," Headen says.

"They can be at my place or any other place within I don't know two minutes cause its going to be manned 24 hours a day," says Liberty City homeowner Larry Camper.

"Be good for the community to have something like this cause you think of the response time is getting slow we are going to have to have somebody," says longtime firefighter A.C. Clayton.

For decades, the city had to depend on neighboring departments to fight residential and woodland fires. Sometimes citizens fighting them by themselves.

"I have fought fires by myself to save houses," Clayton says.

Funded through a program called revenue rescue, the city is not taxed, and firefighters spent their own time building the station.

"I really saw the sincerity and the effort by the young men putting it together," Headen says.

The station chief says the department will be able to take its first call within 30-to-60 days.

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