Tucson streets get upgrade

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Streets in many Tucson neighborhoods look like the back of an alligator.

That's what the most common street damage is called, "alligator cracking."

"Water gets underneath and that's what causes the real damage," says Daryl Cole, Tucson's Transportation Director.

The next step following the alligator cracking are pothole and "that's a failed street," he says.

Tucson has 1500 miles of residential streets and it's hard to say how many are close to failing but it's substantial.

So the city found $20 million to get started on fixing the roads and will spend another $100 million in the next five years for road repair thanks to a bond election passed by voters last year.

Which is why the city is chip sealing the streets neighborhood by neighborhood.

"The residential we're doing, we're buying five to seven years of life," says Cole. "Just moving the life span of that roadway out that much."

Cole believes depending on revenue and how things go some neighborhoods may actually get asphalt but right now the idea is to do some patchwork to make things better.

"You have to maintain infrastructure," he says. "They're roads we drive on every day."

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