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Local group says more girls giving guns a shot

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Local group Babes with Bullets is selling out dates for its training camps held across the country.  That's according to founder Deb Ferns who started the club nine years ago.  Back then, she says, she was doing one or two camps a year.  Now she hosts ten.

Ferns says the ages of the women who participate range from teens to seniors, but she's seeing more women who are relatively young.

"I look at how many women in their 20s and 30s who are single, working in jobs that allow them the extra dollars.  Let's say they're a real estate agent and they're going into all these strange houses all the time, " says Ferns.  "I think there are so many more women now that are cognoscente and aware that it's up to them to protect themselves."

Recent Gallup polls show a record 23-percent of women say they own a gun.  Babes with Bullets students say they shoot for fun and self defense.

"These guys came on each side of my car with a gun and told me to open it up and get out," says 62-year-old Janalyn Lindley.  She was the nearly car-jacked last fall while on a cross-country trip.  Lindley says she sped off and the would-be robbers fired at her car.

"I never thought that I could actually defend myself, if someone was shooting at me again I would have no trouble."

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