Golfers offer ideas to keep sport alive at Fred Enke course

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - East side residents attending a meeting about Fred Enke golf course demanded the city find a way to keep the sport alive.  City staff held a public forum at the Williams Clement Recreation Center to hear ideas on transforming the course if and when it's closed.

The Tucson City council voted to look into closing the course because it's been losing money for years, but golfers blame the city for not investing in it.

One attendee suggested forming a non-profit to run Fred Enke.  Other ideas ranged from turning the course into a park, a bird sanctuary, or a natural wildland area.

City council member Paul Cunningham attending the meeting, saying he is open to hearing all ideas as long as golf pays for itself.  No date has been set to close Fred Enke.

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