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Gun control debate has Tucsonans fired up

Gun control debate in Tucson 3/16/13 Gun control debate in Tucson 3/16/13
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The gun control debate has the community divided. It's a hot topic and an emotional one for many in Tucson.

About 150 people attended a forum in at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church near Speedway and Alvernon Saturday afternoon.

The crowd was split, some gun advocates involved with the "Arizona Citizens Defense League" left their weapons outside, using their words to get their point across.

"If I pick up a brick and hit you with it, I have assaulted you with a weapon," said gun supporter, Duke Schechter. "So, we have to do something about those nasty assault bricks."

The panel discussed universal background checks and sales of magazines.

"People can go on the internet and buy thousands of rounds of ammunition and there's no control for who is making those types of purchases," said Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor.

Organizers were criticized because the panel only had one pro-guns advocate. They say they invited more people who didn't show up.

January 8th survivor Pat Simon brought up an alarming statistic that on average 33 Americans are killed each day by guns.

But gun advocates argue firearms do more good than harm. "Between 700 thousand and two point 5 million violent crimes are prevented every year by the mirror presence of a firearm," said Schechter.

While the topic of gun control wont go away any time soon, community leaders are determined to get things changed.

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