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McCain refutes appropriations bill

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

U.S. Senator John McCain addressed the Senate today on unauthorized funds, pork barrel spending and suggestions for the Continuing Resolution spending bill.

The Senator reviewed the debt issue on the Senate floor today, urging President Obama to pass annual budget resolutions, authorization bills and appropriation bills as opposed to big spending.

 "This [Continuing Resolution] includes numerous examples of egregious pork barrel projects, as well as billions in spending that was never authorized by the appropriate committee and not requested by the administration. The American taxpayer expects more and deserves more than what we are giving them in this bill." Sen. McCain said.

The country's $16.6 trillion debt amounts to more than $52,000 per U.S. citizen.

Sen. McCain mentioned the sequester's impact to the Department of Defense in addition to the $487 billion in cuts, directed by President Obama. Reduced flying hours for the Navy and reduced readiness for 80 percent of the Army's non-deploying brigades are two of the impacts thus far, according to Sen. McCain.  

Sen. McCain listed more than forty spending categories in the Department of Defense that were above the requested and authorized spending levels. Among them include $1 billion for one additional Raleigh Burke class destroyer, $778 million for advance procurement funding for one Virginia class submarine, $567 million for "unrequested" medical research and $105 million for the Operationally Responsive Space Program.

"The American taxpayers are tired of wasteful spending that has contributed greatly to the current fiscal crisis in our country. They expect us, rightfully so, to be good stewards of their hard earned taxpayer dollars but unfortunately that is not the case today." Sen. McCain said. "We cannot continue with business as usual, therefore, I will not be voting for this appropriations bill, and I encourage all of my colleagues to oppose it as well."

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