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Neighborhood leaders push for tougher city codes

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

At least one dozen Neighborhood Association leaders voiced concerns tonight about what they consider to be an eyesore on their streets.

The majority of them want tougher city codes and stiffer penalties for repeat violations.

They are talking about things like junked out cars with flat tires, or an old bus parked down the street.

After paying almost $500 in fines, Brock Bond has put his unused vehicle in a carport and covered it up to comply. But he doesn't think it's an eyesore.

"I think it's a collectible- gives me something to do," Brock said.

Some worry about neighbors having too many yard sales.

"Some [people] have them on a weekly basis," said Ronni Kotwica, a Palo Verde Neighborhood Association member. "[They] put signs up don't take them down. They become blight in our neighborhoods."

Is one man's blight another man's treasure?

According to Tucson Code Enforcement officials, residents can only have four yard sales per year, and only for three consecutive days.

Brian Shelquist does not see yard sales as a community problem.

"With the economy, everybody's trying to do what they can to survive," Shelquist said. 

City officials are considering two new additions to the neighborhood preservation ordinance. One requires "working windows" with no cracks in all homes. The other puts a height and length restriction on big commercial vehicles you can park in a residential area. This would restrict semis, large food trucks and any other vehicle over ten feet high and 22 feet in length.

But some feel that the city is taking it too far.

"I don't think they should be making everybody's house look alike," Brock Bond said. Bond was accused of keeping a junked vehicle on his property.

City officials have heard residents' concerns and plan to make a formal presentation to Mayor and council in the near future.

They are asking those with additional concerns to write letters to their representatives or show up for public comment and voice their concerns.

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