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Pima College needs decisive plan of action

Editor's Note: This editorial was written and posted before Suzanne Miles' announcement Tuesday that she will step down as Pima Community College interim chancellor earlier than planned. Click here to read Miles' announcement.

A strong and scathing wake-up call has been sent to Pima Community College. But the preliminary response from PCC is concerning.

The report from the Higher Learning Commission talks about serious ethical problems and a culture of fear with the past Chancellor and a Governing Board that failed to take action. PCC faces probation and possible loss of accreditation.

The interim chancellor says the college will respond to the accusations at the end of the month but also mentioned there are misstatements and errors in the report.

Think about it. Now is not the time for denial or arguments. Now is the time for action.

These are serious charges and the governing board and interim chancellor must accept the problems and not spend valuable time trying to prove the commission wrong. A decisive action plan needs to be put in place and communicated to the students, faculty and to the tax-paying public.

PCC's reputation already has been tarnished. It's now up to this team to make sure the damage isn't fatal. 

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