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La Madrid on second murder trial

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The second murder trial for a man accused of killing a Tucson teenager began today.

In court today, Defense Attorney Dan Cooper told the jury that an accident had, in fact, occurred- an innocent girl had been killed.

Max La Madrid is accused of the murder of Tenee Natividad.

But he described the incident as chaotic, involving lots of people, lots of cars and several guns.

Was Natividad accidentally shot during a gun battle while going out to Jack in the Box to feed a fast food craving at 2:30 a.m.?

What is certain is that there were two groups of people fighting outside of Jack in the Box when Natividad and her friend Torrence Gooden drove up.

Max La Madrid was friends with one of the people involved in that fight. He pulled out his handgun and also fired shots to get back at a man who shot his friend.

"It was like roaches scattering," Defense Attorney Dan Cooper said. "Cars and people leaving at the same time, going on Speedway."

Defense attorneys will attempt to prove that Navidad may not have been shot during the gun battle.

In fact, there was another shooting just a few streets away on Arcadia at the same time. Attorneys believe Navidad was shot there.

The trial is expected to last for about one week.

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