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NCAA tourney is a hotbed for scammers

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By: Megan Canterbury, Tucson News Now Intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Madness is in the air, and it's not the rising pollen levels.

The NCAA Tournament marks the beginning of March Madness, when die-hard college ball fans and rookie spectators alike assemble their brackets, praying for the winning lineup. While fans may be tuned in to all things basketball this month, many are unaware of the fact that the championship game tickets they just ordered, may never come.

Major sporting events like the NCAA Tournament are hotbeds for scammers capitalizing on the scarcity of tickets and popularity of team merchandise. The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is encouraging college basketball fans who are traveling to the games or purchasing team gear to check out an offer before they hand over a credit card.

Craigslist in particular can be full of scams since the site doesn't offer guarantees and sellers don't have to provide identification to list tickets. Many of these third party sellers are a hoax, stealing identities and draining bank accounts rather than selling.

If you do happen to receive what you paid for, it may not be legitimate. Much of the merchandise fans come across is counterfeit, where the team name and logo are essentially stolen. Even though these goods are cheaper, they are also cheaply made and will not last as long as their legitimate counterparts.

If it's too good to be true, in this case, it probably is.

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