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Obama picks Belmont to upset Arizona

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) - President Barack Obama is the latest to pick the 11th seed Belmont Bruins to upset the 6th seed and 20th ranked Arizona Wildcats in the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament.

President Obama filled out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN for the fifth straight year. He picked Florida, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State to reach the Final Four.

Arizona didn't seem to care that the Commander and Chief doesn't think they can get past the much smaller Bruins.

"He's lost Arizona in the last two elections so he probably has it out for us," said Wildcats senior forward Solomon Hill.

On the women's side, the President selected Baylor, California, UConn and Notre Dame to advance to New Orleans.

Indiana and Louisville are each No. 1 seeds. Ohio State is a No. 2 seed and Florida is a No. 3 seed

Baylor, UConn and Notre Dame are all No. 1 seeds and California is a No. 2 seed.

In 2012, President Obama's men's bracket ranked 2,347,421 out of 6.45 million entries, placing him in the 63.6th percentile.

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David Kelly contributed to this story.

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