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Apollo space mission engines recovered from sea floor

Image Credit: Bezos Expeditions Image Credit: Bezos Expeditions

For over 40 years the rocket engines from the Apollo space missions have been sitting discarded on the ocean floor. 

As the rockets lifted into space, the engines were designed to drop into the Atlantic Ocean and no effort was made to recover the machines. 

Until now...

The CEO and founder of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos, launched his own mission to recover the engines. 

Image Credit: Bezos Expeditions

According to Space.com, Bezos and his team found some of the engine parts last year and have now recovered enough pieces to rebuild two of the engines.  

The plan is to restore the engine parts, not to working order but enough to clean them for display purposes. 

Image Credit: Bezos Expeditions

Although the recovery mission was sponsored by Bezos, NASA still owns the engines and will determine where the restored parts will be displayed.  

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