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Local group starts traffic camera petition

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One Tucson man is hoping for a ban on red light and speed cameras in the city limits. On Thursday, he started a petition to get rid of all of them.

"This is really unfair to people," said John Kromko. He filed a petition with the city of Tucson saying the company, American Traffic Solutions which manages the city's cameras is using unfair methods to bust more people.

"They've picked these areas or intersections where they're able to catch people and they've made these yellow lights very short," said Kromko.

Tucson News Now reached out to the company who only corresponded by e-mail, saying the cameras have proven to reduce red light running, collisions, injuries and fatalities.

According to Tucson's Traffic Safety Report, accidents have been reduced by almost 60%. Nationally, the cameras have helped crack cases.

"Rapes, robberies, hit & runs, these crimes that may have gone unsolved if it wasn't for the help that some of the cameras would've provided," said David Kelly, executive director of NCSR.

Still, not everyone is convinced. "I think they are dangerous the lights flashed and they blind you and at night especially," said Delawnes Melton.

The petition needs more than 12,000 signatures before July 5th. Before it could appear on your November ballot.

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