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Some UA students didn't get alert about reported gunman

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Scenes from yesterday's scare on the University of Arizona campus still linger in the minds of southern Arizonans. Cops searched for a reported rifleman into the night but found nothing.

Now, in the aftermath, a Wildcat emergency app is getting some criticism. Some students say they didn't get the warning to evacuate.

Most students say they got about eight alerts on their phone but some got delayed messages or none at all.

You have to sign up for the e-mail and text alerts but even some people who normally get text messages weren't getting them Friday night.

The messages warned students to stay away from the Administration Building as police swarmed the area, searching for a gunman. Turns out, they never found anyone.

Still, it had many students on edge glued to their cell phone waiting for updates.

Most people we spoke with got all of the updates, but some students didn't. So, what went wrong?

The assistant vice president of the communications department says he was not aware of any problems. He added you have to renew your phone number every couple of years and he does his best to get warnings out many different ways.

"You add social media channels and the websites and you have several hundred thousands points of contact," said Johnny Cruz, Assistant Vice President, Communications, University of Arizona.

"For me, the e-mails that came in on my phone were later. A lot later than my text messages. And if I had checked Twitter, they would've been on time," said Danielle Cooney, U of A student.

To sign up for these alerts, click here.

University Police had no update on the investigation into the alleged gunman. They are not saying whether this was a hoax.

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