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New high for registered voters in Pima County

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PIMA COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Voting in Southern Arizona is reaching a new achievement; half a million people can cast their votes in Pima County.

It isn't the busy season at the Pima County Courthouse, there's no major election just around the corner, but we are coming off the biggest spike that happens every four years, the Presidential election, when the applications for voter turnout hits an all time high.

And after this past jump, Pima County hit a milestone, nearly 500,000 are signed up as registered voters; that's just about half of all people living in Pima County. 

The county recorder says it's thanks to the work of grass roots voter registration programs started by organizations, activists and political parties.  Here is a breakdown per party:

Democrats have about 187,000 registered voters; Republicans have 155,000 registered voters; and those who marked other, including Independents, Libertarian, Green Party, is about 159,000. 

Elections officials say the more voters that are registered, the better.  It means more voices are heard in the democratic process. 

Residents can register to vote anytime, by going online or in a number of government offices. 

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