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U of A students still have questions after Friday's scare

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Things got back to normal Monday on the University of Arizona campus following Friday's report of a gunman on campus.

Friday evening, the U of A sent out e-mail and text alerts warning people to stay away from the Administration building as police swarmed the area searching for a possible gunman.

After four hours, police gave the all clear and didn't find anyone. But there are still a lot of questions about what happened.

Friday night's scare is still fresh in the minds of many students and when we tried to get answers today, University Police kept tight lipped about its investigation.

KOLD wanted to know why University Police first told us they received more than one call of a gunman on campus. Then it turned into a single call and that wasn't even from an eyewitness.

Also, why some buildings were on lock down while others weren't?

University Police wouldn't comment today only saying the investigation is ongoing.

Some students KOLD spoke with on campus say they were happy about the reaction by law enforcement in case there ever is a real emergency on campus.

While others want answers as to why the alleged gunman was never found. Was it a legit call? Or a hoax? Regardless, U of A PD says there's no longer a threat on campus.

"There's still a lot of unanswered stuff," said Maverick Tudisco, a U of A student. "Didn't they search the building and not find anyone? What if there's a guy still out there with a rifle. That's worrisome."

"It's still in the back of my head but I'm not too worried about it," said Marc Zempare, a U of A student.

KOLD also checked with the Board of Regents, the spokesman for U of A and Tucson Police Dept. who could not provide any information on the case.

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