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Pima County expands its parks while Tucson takes comments on one

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Canoa Preserve Community Park is Pima County's first park in Green Valley; Tucson's Joaquin Murrieta Park is open for comment.

Public parks are a way to see, feel, and walk on our tax money. In Green Valley, residents are getting something that they've been pushing for more than a decade.

"(I feel like I) died and went to Heaven, twice. First, I got to Green Valley, and then we went to work on this," laughed Chuck Catino, founding father and former president of BAJA, or Born Again Jocks Association.

The two fields at Canoa Preserve Community Park mean that Chuck Catino's goal is becoming reality. BAJA will be part of the dedication of Pima County's first park in Green Valley Tuesday.

Now that BAJA is out of Sahuarita Park, the school district can make improvements to the fields and facilities there.

Back at Conoa Preserve, Catino said that the two fields will become four, with a dog park, community center, youth fields, and trails, all in the future with the help of county bond money.

"It's just a start. And as things go, we change the concepts and as moneys become available from the county and from donors," Catino said.

"Improvements with the fences, and improvements in the bathrooms, improvements for walking paths, lighting, parking. Those are the big items that parents have concerns about," said Ernest Armenta, the president of Western

Little League, as he stood in Joaquin Murrieta Park on Tucson's Westside.

As parks to the south are moving and shaking, Tucson, wants residents to weigh in on how to improve the aging park by making changes to its master plan. But whether in the city or in the county, Armenta agreed with Catino that a public park represents government service in the community.

"I believe that it is important to use the resources and the tax resources to give back to the community," Armenta said.

"Green Valley has a lot of centers, but they're private. This is a public center. It is a place for community," Catino said.

Those who want to weigh in on Joaquin Murrieta Park have until April 1st to do so online at http://cms3.tucsonaz.gov/parksandrec/joaquin-murrieta-park-public-input.

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