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The weather of Easter

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Easter Sunday is almost here and we thought we would look back at some of the extreme Easters in Tucson.

The hottest Easter was back in 1930 when the temperature jumped up to 96° on April 20th. Not surprisingly, when Easter falls on an earlier date, cooler temperatures are recorded. The record coldest Easter happened on March 30th in 1975 and on March 27th in 1910. On those days, the temperature dropped to a chilly 33°!

You may remember one Easter with snow. The record snowfall on Easter was on April 4th, 1999. Even though there was enough snow to cover the cacti and make the entire Tucson valley white, the official total was only a trace.

Snow on Easter (April 4th 1999) on the University of Arizona Spring Fling Photo Source:

With records dating back to 1895, Easter Sunday has seen rain only 11 times. One of these rain events dropped 0.81" on April 23rd, 1905 and holds the record for the most rain on Easter.

This year we will be near the average temperature on Easter Sunday. The average high for Easter is 81° while the average low is 47°. We are forecasting no rainfall for the festivities even though the average rainfall is 0.02".

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Have a wonderful Easter!

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