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Dozens of dogs in need of rescue after owner's eviction

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Dozens of Siberian Huskies are looking for a permanent home after a breeder was evicted from his property Tuesday.

Animal Control officials say this breeder has a history of complaints filed against him.

Officials at Pima Animal Care say the operation had all the signs of a puppy mill, but the owner tell us he cared for the animals.

"Emotionally, it's the worst day of my life," Paul Koprivnak said. "I feel like I'm partially dead inside now."

The dogs cried in the background as rescue groups rushed in to save all the Siberian Huskies on the property, all 50 to 60 of them.

"It certainly concerns me," City and County Administrative Hearing Officer Paul Blaushild said.

The owner, Paul Koprivka, was cited for neglect in 2009 for leaving his dogs tied outside in chains.

In 2010, they received complaints of excessive waste on the property. And in the last two years, there were more complaints of barking dogs, sick dogs, and just too many dogs on his property.

The owner says he took good care of his animals.

"Absolutely, excellent health," Koprivka said. "I have antibiotics, vitamins.. my dogs are healthier than most humans are."

The Sanctuary Project Rescue Group spread the word using social media and has helped take in dozens of Siberian Huskies.

"One thing after another," said Cyndi Cubillas, a member of the rescue group. "One posting after another and in a matter of hours here we are."

While others showed up to buy one, giving the animal a forever home.

"I think everyone, everything deserves a home especially with this man's circumstances he should have to see what seems to be his family, put down," said Keith Amaral, the dog's rescuer.

Neighbors say the owner has been evicted and all of the dogs have been taken in by rescue groups.

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