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PCC Faculty Senate Resolution

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Faculty Senate Resolution

March 29, 2013

"Senate statement concerning the College Board of Governors"


THE FACULTY SENATE, the governance representative of the entire Pima Community College faculty, does not have confidence in the four current members of the PCC Board of Governors who were in office during the Dr. Flores administration – Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria, and Scott Stewart – to effectively guide the College out of its present crisis.

FURTHERMORE, the Faculty Senate believes that these four Board members have contributed to the present crisis by their failure to recognize and act ethically and prudently upon problems brought to light that occurred during and after the Flores administration. And, Faculty Senate believes that these four Board members constitute an impediment to change.

WHILE THE FACULTY SENATE appreciates the efforts these four Board members have made on behalf of the College, the greatest service that they can now perform to help restore the College to a climate of trust, honesty and credibility is to resign.  The Faculty Senate urges these four Board members to follow the example of Dr. Miles who has stepped down as interim Chancellor.

IN ADDITION, the Faculty Senate urges the Board of Governors to suspend the current search for a new College Chancellor until such time as these Board members – Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria and Scott Stewart – are replaced.

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