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Gas prices low now, could go up with new proposal

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

More good news at the pump, gas prices in Arizona continue to fall for the third straight week, but might not last for all that long as new fuel standards are planned.

Tucson has the lowest gas prices in the state at $3.45 a gallon and that is 23 cents lower than the state average of $3.68.  The state average is also down another three cents this week, so people fueling up this morning are definitely pleased about the drop in prices. 

Heading north to Scottsdale though is another matter, there they have the highest prices in the state at $3.82. While Tucson has the lowest prices in the state, it can't beat what residents are paying in Wyoming, at $3.32 a gallon.  And it might make Californians envious, as they are paying nearly $4.00 a gallon in some areas.

Tucsonans might want to take advantage of these low gas prices now, as the new proposed gas standards could have prices going back up again. 

This proposal is calling for new and better fuel standards, and will likely lead to higher prices at the pump, but how much higher, is the question.  The new fuel standard would definitely reduce smog and help clean the air, but industry experts seem to have different opinions on how much this will cost people at the pump. 

Some estimates are low, as less than a penny per gallon and some are as high as nine cents a gallon, a big difference there. 

The Environmental Protection Agency came out with the low estimate while some refiners are saying that's not even close to what it will cost them.  But no one is arguing this new fuel standard, called the Tier-3 Standards being proposed by the Obama administration would help significantly with air pollution. 

The EPA also says cleaning up gas and car emissions could save billions in health costs as well.  The new standards would reduce sulfur in gas and also cut emission standards on cars. 

This proposal is expected to be fully unveiled sometime later today.

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