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Northwest Fire assists hiker at Sombrero Peak

By Rachel Krismann / Tucson News Now Intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Northwest Fire District's Technical Rescue Team rescued a hiker and took him to the hospital Saturday, Capt. Adam Goldberg said.

He suffered from moderate dehydration and exhaustion after he had become lost and ran out of water while hiking in Saguaro National Monument West.

The 32-year-old planned on hiking the nature trails but then chose to hike the Sombrero Peak trailhead, Goldberg said. 

The hiker ran out of the two bottles of water he brought around 4 p.m. He called his friends to come assist him, but his condition and distance from the beginning of the trail was more than the friends could handle.

Six rescue technicians including three paramedics arrived at the scene within six minutes and reached the hiker in just under an hour.

The hiker received advanced life support therapies from the paramedics before being brought back down the trailhead. It took approximately three hours to get the hiker back down the trail, Goldberg said. 

Northwest Fire reminds everyone of the following safety tips, Goldberg said, as the weather continues to get warmer:

  • Understand your physical limitations and don't out hike your capabilities.  Know the level of expertise of a trail;
  • Bring extra water;
  • Dress in layers including shade/sun protection and sun screen;
  • Have a fully charged cell phone;
  • Tell a friend or family member you're hiking plans to include where, when and how long you will be out.  If you do not check in with that person by a certain time, they should attempt to contact you, and if unsuccessful, then call authorities;
  • Bring extra water and clothing in case of changes in weather ( monsoon season, cool nights if lost over night);
  • Bring a small emergency kit.

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