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Civil union vote passes 5-2 in Bisbee

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

After a three-hour open forum and more than 60 speeches from the public on Tuesday night, Bisbee City Council voted five to two in favor of an ordinance that would make the city the first in Arizona to legalize civil unions.

Dozens of people spoke in favor of and against an ordinance that would allow civil unions for same-sex couples within the city limits. 

Many of the opposing speakers are pastors from local churches, who quoted scriptures and suggested that the passed ordinance would lead to future laws that would allow polygamy and beastiality. Tucson News Now was told that some churches brought van loads of people out to the meeting.

The majority of speakers were in support of the ordinance, calling it a human rights issue.

Tucson News Now caught up with two sisters from Tucson who came to listen in on the  vote. One of them says she is a lesbian and is very interested in what is happening in Bisbee.

But her sister also had an opinion. "I'm heterosexual and I'm just as appalled and bothered by the comments," she said. "If this is about God, we believe God abhors the actions. This country was founded on the principle of God's word."

With so many people at the council meeting, Bisbee firefighters were called for crowd control and to make sure no city codes were violated.

Attorney General Tom Horne plans to take court action against the ordinance, as requested by Bisbee legislature.

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