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'It's a tale of two tragedies:' Louis Taylor presser highlights

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

On his first day as a free man after spending 42 years in prison, Louis Taylor spoke to the public about his future plans.

He was accused of starting the 1970 Pioneer Hotel fire that killed 29 people. Today, he and his lawyers discussed his issues with Pima County prosecutors and his new goals.

The following Taylor quotes were some highlights and live tweets that we posted from today's press conference that ended just after 3:30 p.m.:

"There's not enough money in the world that could correct this injustice... a lot of stuff went wrong." #PioneerFire

"When I finished college in trade school I was a medical technician." #PioneerFire

"I love Tucson and maybe someday I'll stay here." #PioneerFire

Taylor says when he was arrested, his twin sister ran away and she was found dead in Globe, Ariz.

#LouisTaylor: Talks about how technology has changed. Back then we had 8 tracks.

"The best justice system in the world..  how can I fall in the crack for 42 years?"

"It's a tale of two tragedies: the poor souls who died there and my conviction." #PioneerFire 

"I was a smoker and those matches did not start that fire." #PioneerFire

"I just made the best of the worst situation. That's all you can do, just move forward."

"I studied civil law... worked out in dairies...I couldn't give up" #PioneerFire

"I just thank the grace of God that I survived." #PioneerFire

"I never hurt anybody in my whole life. I was a bread winner in my family," #PioneerFire

"I persevered through a lot of adversity. I'm just going to move forward, but soon the world will know I'm innocent."

"The whole world is embracing me. I have a good support system."

"It's good to be out and feel mother earth beneath my feet. I'm just glad I survived."

"I got a dream team, a better team than OJ Simpson for sure."

Reporter: Do you think you'll stay in Tucson? "Well I'm staying in Phoenix, I have a cabin in Sedona. I love this town."

Taylor says he has one more interview tomorrow, then wants a break for a couple of weeks.

Taylor also mentioned that he took a walk in Sabino Canyon and looks forward to each day, including going to a Diamondbacks game tonight.

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